intelligence is defined in many valid ways, but for the specifics of discovering what Art works for you and your home, a dominant visual and contextual intelligence‎ is essential.

everyone loves and appreciates great art, but passion means sifting through dozens and dozens in search of the one piece that will vitalize a space, and imbue deep satisfaction in its owners. It's as important to say NO as it is to say YES. That process and effort requires organization, efficiency, inspiration and instincts.

it's not a competition, but it helps to have expertise and a network to see fresh styles, emerging trends and exciting new developments.

.  .  .  .  .  .

Trove Art Advisory, LLC works with personal clients and interior designers on every level, from procuring a single piece of art to building and managing a vast collection. Utilizing our significant relationships with auction houses and art galleries, we can negotiate, purchase, frame and install art in all media.